Wiser Post is a full-service boutique post-production facility. Our experienced team guides your production through the entire finishing post process including online editorial, color correction, mix, mastering, and deliverables. Wiser Post provides complete post-production solutions.


Workflow Solutions
Our decades of experience allows us to optimize workflows based on acquisition format, deliverables and other factors for efficient post production.

Online Editorial
Wiser Post finishes and masters projects across the entire media spectrum including in-house UHD, 4K, 2K, and HD online services.

Visual Effects
We offer a range of VFX services including original visual effects, rotoscoping, 3D graphics integration, green screen composites, and additional scene enhancements.

Our color correction solutions include in-house HD broadcast and 2K 10-bit color correction as well as 4K and 2K DCI compliant DI color correction through our strategic partner facilities.

Post Supervision
Our staff has over a century of combined post-production experience that covers every aspect of evolving acquisition and distribution formats for theatrical, broadcast, and web based media.

From 4K DCPs to YouTube encodes Wiser Post has the expertise to create the best looking content for any screen.